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Terms & Conditions

Car Audio Experience welcomes you to its Website through which you can make purchases of quality products & services of branded manufacturers and only through the official distribution network. Visitors to our website can freely navigate through it and see and obtain information about our products, services and work, but in order to make purchases they must fill out the special membership form.

Car Audio Experience has the right to modify or renew unilaterally these Terms of Use at its sole discretion and / or when the modification is required by law, possibly without prior notice to members.

We ask our members to read carefully the following Terms because by registering they are automatically considered to agree and accept them unconditionally.

1) Contained information

Car Audio Experience strives as much as possible and always in good faith for the completeness, accuracy, validity and updating of data-information about the products and services it provides. However, it is impossible to avoid typographical errors and omissions regarding product descriptions of products or even prices and we urge each member / visitor in case he / she is looking for a particular feature in our products and services and is not sufficiently listed to contact us. Also because our website contains state-of-the-art products and sometimes it is difficult / impossible to fully translate English terminology into our language and may contain terms and technologies unknown to the general public, please ask any questions that may arise regarding product compatibility in relation to each vehicle please contact us.

Our online store can not guarantee the availability of products, but undertakes to inform its customers about the unavailability, delay of shipment or any cancellation of product.

Product photos may differ in part from actual products in color, shape and size.

Car Audio Experience may mention or have links to other websites on its own website for information, presentation, helpful instructions, etc. but may not be responsible for any changes, alterations or deletions.

The name of the Company and / or the name of the Website and / or its logos may not be used by any third party and for any reason without the specific, prior written permission of Car Audio Experience.

2) Member Registration

To become a member you must fill in the registration form that you will find on our website and be 18 years old and over. You are not allowed to sell, transfer or exchange accounts between users and you can not have more than one active account. You are required to provide valid, true and up-to-date identity, address and contact details. Car Audio Experience has the right to refuse member registration or to delete an account without having to explain the reasons for its actions.

Our company does not process or transfer in any way the data stated by our members during their registration. You may contact them for confirmation of vague or incomplete information, order verification, confirmation of receipt, and upgrades or corrections of devices they have acquired.

3) Orders - Shipping - Receipts

With the correct completion of the details of the order form, the relevant confirmation will be sent to you in electronic form and the product collection process will begin. If your order contains products that are not available for any reason, you will be informed if you want them to be sent in bulk, in parts or if you cancel it.

Our company in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible for damages that may arise from the execution or non-execution of orders or from the delay of execution, for any reason (inability to deliver from a supplier, bad weather conditions, general strikes, etc.).

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer unless otherwise agreed upon. It can be done via Courier or transport company (for bulky items).

In case of receipt of an order from our store, identification data may be requested. In the event of an invoice being issued, we may also carry out cross-checking.

Car Audio Experience has the right but not the obligation to check the quality and completeness of products before sending them.

Until recently, we did not support purchases and shipments abroad.

4) Prices - Payments

All prices listed on our website include VAT. Installation - installation - adjustment costs are not included unless explicitly mentioned on the page of each product.

We accept the following payment methods: Cash with physical presence in our store - cash on delivery (within the limit set by law), deposit in a bank account, payment via credit-debit card and payment via PAYPAL

In case of payment by debit-credit card with physical presence in our store, identification data may be required. When the order is prepaid electronically and the customer wishes to receive it from our store, it is mandatory to present a police ID, driver's license, passport or any other official state document that proves the customer's identity.

5) Guarantees - General Terms

Car Audio Experience trades branded products of recognized value from leading companies in the field and only through their Manufacturers - Representatives - Importers and Official Distributors and the product guarantees are given only by them and for a period of time specified by them. * See in detail on our website what each company offers and in which product category.

Almost all of our products require installation, placement or adjustment and may have a small, medium or even high degree of difficulty in connecting them, or require access to special programs, plans and tools that are not available to individuals. Also some categories of devices require experienced and trained technical staff for proper and trouble-free installation and operation.

For all the above reasons we do not recommend in any case their installation by individuals and non-compliance with the above directive (in case of incorrect or incomplete connection) can cause damage or destruction of the device itself and malfunctions in the vehicle itself canceling so any guarantee or possible claim.

Car Audio Experience guarantees the correct operation and performance of each device only when the installation-installation-adjustment is done on its premises and by its staff. It has the responsibility to deliver-send to its customer (in case the installation-installation-adjustment is not done in its premises) an even and complete in terms of external characteristics and 100% functional product according to its specifications and characteristics.

On the contrary, in the event that the installation-installation-adjustment does not take place on its premises, it can have absolutely no will / jurisdiction / responsibility to control or approve perfection of installations / technical capabilities & knowledge / appropriate tools / access to special software & firmware etc ( which may be required for the proper connection, planning and operation of each product) of the other placement centers throughout the territory. Disclaims any liability for any damage, partial malfunction, malfunction or even destruction of the product, any consequent consequence thereof on third-party equipment-plant-tools and vice versa, as well as on the vehicle itself due to incomplete or incorrect (partial or total) connection or programming of each product.

There can be no guarantee or requirement when the device is used in a different environment from what it is designed to operate, to be used for different purposes than those manufactured, when exposed to direct contact with various liquids and humidity in the vehicle area, and generally when operating outside the manufacturer's specifications.

Our company during the warranty (and outside it) can mediate the correct disconnection of the device from the vehicle and send it for inspection or repair to the authorized Authorized Service but can not be committed to the promptness of the shipment-receipt itself.

Any repair within warranty does not extend the warranty period and our company can not bear any responsibility for the time it will take to restore it to normal operation.

Our company can not be liable for damages, errors, omissions, change of characteristics, breach or inability to fulfill the obligations of the Warranty Terms on the part of the Representative / Manufacturer / Supplier / Importer / Official Distributor. Nor can it be liable for damages and financial-ethical satisfaction and costs that may arise in connection with the Services provided by it through the Website.

6) Returns

The customer is entitled to withdraw a purchase, return a product or order.

In case he has not received the order, all he has to do is notify us in writing or via email and the process will be canceled.

If he has received the order within seven calendar days (as required by law) he must notify us in writing or by email and return it (no later than 14 calendar days) to the condition in which he received it, ie in full and perfect packaging without internal or external damage. In case the product is used, it is damaged, its packaging is missing (partially or completely), various items that accompany it are missing, we have the right not to return the full price paid at the time of purchase or to refuse its return.

In any case, the responsibility for delivery and shipping costs are borne by the buyer (if the purchase has been made remotely).

Returns are not accepted in cases of orders that have been made on demand and when products contain an operating system / software / license for a specific identity and have been registered in this service.

Make sure that you have read, understood and agree to the above terms, because your further use and browsing of our Website in the form of membership implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of them.

If a Member does not agree with these terms, he must abstain from using the Website and from any transaction through it.

The Athens Courts are responsible for any dispute-claim that may arise from the above Terms of Use.

Thank you very much for your preference, we are at your disposal for any clarifications.